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Senior Financial Abuse

With today's growing senior population and the increasingly aggressive sales strategies for financial and related products, there's more and more financial and fraud related abuse to seniors. Many times there are clues in the senior's tax return. This is not fraud by the client/taxpayer, it's financial abuse and fraud in the product or service sold. Some of this is illegal but much of it's totally legal; but improper or inapropriate for the particular situation and sometimes, grossly so. Additionally, these financial products are being sold to individuals at increasingly younger ages.

Seniors are many times susceptible to the financial abuse of others who, through their relationship with the senior, take advantage of the senior by taking money, fraudulently preparing documents to their advantage, transferring funds, etc. Forensic accounting services will document the truth and help in either prosecution or recovery.

While based in San Diego, California I serve many clients from other states. Typically, this is where the senior and their family or other caregiver are located in two different states.

This is the fastest growing area of my practice.

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Senior Financial Abuse, Fraud and Forensic Accounting


Some facts about senior financial abuse.

CPAs, Tax Preparers, and Financial Advisors May See Elder Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse Specialty Team-FAST

Gone Without a Trace

                           Jim Colville, CPA Retired, CFE