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Monday, October 25, 2021


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Senior Financial Abuse Services

Senior Financial Abuse, Fraud and Forensic Accounting

This is my unique niche in providing elder care services. The issues in this area are growing and the seniors and their families need qualified a financial professional to assist.

With today's growing senior population and the increasing aggressive sales strategies for financial and related products, I see more and more financial abuse and fraud in these tax returns, their investments and other financial matters. This is not fraud by the client/taxpayer, it's financial abuse or fraud in the product sold. Some of this is illegal but it's most often legal, but improper or inapropriate for the particular situation.

What is the next step if elder financial abuse is suspected? Unfortunately, this can't be answered in a short paragraph without knowing all the facts. There are legal avenues, government advocacy organizations, and many other approaches, but again, it depends on many factors. It must also be remembered that not all situations that seem like abuse are actually senior financial abuse. Review other sections of this website for the services that I provide in this area.

Of course prevention eliminates the problem altogether. I provide education to help with financial elder abuse.

Some presentations I can give to your group or organization:
  • Clues in your tax return and documents about financial abuse or fraud
  • Elder Financial Abuse - How Can I Protect My Aging Parent Against Financial Abuse?
  • Financial Exploitation of the Elderly
  • Financial fraud and abuse: scam artists, family members, who else?
  • What to do when financial abuse is suspected by a family member
  • Seniors, dementia and financial abuse
  • Planned Giving
  • Charitable Contributions and Helping Others

The Eldercare Education Institute presents seminars to help educate seniors, their families and eldercare professionals

                        Eldercare Education Institute

I am one of the founders and an active member in the Institute.