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Monday, October 25, 2021


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Jim Colville, US Army

Interrupting his college studies, Jim joined the United States Army, was trained in Army OCS (Officer Training School) in field artillary, was then sent to Army Nuclear Missile School. This lead to becoming launcher platoon leader (Nike-Hercules Nuclear Missiles) in the largest nuclear missile site on the east coast and then the deputy commander at the Army Air Defense Command Post (AADCP) over the operations in South Korea, primarily Nike-Hercules nuclear missiles as well as conventional missiles. The AADCP was one step away from the National Military Commmand Post (NMCP) which is one step away from the President. As an officer, Jim obtained the rank of first lieutenant.

Fast forward to today. Jim was an early member and six year board member (2004-2017) of Infragard, San Diego Chapter (a partnership with the FBI and the private sector). This position is subject to a fully vetted investigation by the FBI before being accepted. He was also a member of the Financial Abuse Specialty Team (F.A.S.T.)- San Diego (a partnership with Adult Protective Service (APS) and the private sector).

What does this have to do with Jim's career today? This significant responsibility early in one's career is critical is establishing one's thinking process later in their career in being able to distinguish and gather little facts into the larger (military) and strategic big picture. Jim continued his service with the Infragard and F.A.S.T. through early 2017. This gave Jim a significant advantage today in working with clients in providing traditional CPA services, but more importantly in providing Fraud and Forensic Accounting Services.

OCS Class 505A-68 (Page 158)

Artillery OCS Alumni Website

Master List OCS Class 505A-68 (Page 189)

Infragard San Diego Members Alliance Website


James M. Colville, CPA Retired, CFE, is sole-proprietorship CPA firm located in San Diego, CA. Jim served small businesses and their owners with traditional CPA services, provides fraud and forensic accounting services to businesses and nonprofit organizations and has translated his business experience in assisting the aging senior population with financial elder abuse and related forensic accounting services.