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Monday, May 13, 2019


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Elder Abuse: FAST--Financial Abuse Specialty Team

I am an active member of San Diego County FAST. What is FAST?

Most counties in California now have a new tool to combate elder financial abuse: Financial Abuse Specialty Teams-F.A.S.T.

FAST teams differ from county to county. One county may have more than 30 or 40 or more government agencies and private industry representatives on the team. Other counties may include representatives from the FBI; police and sheriff’s departments; district attorney’s office; Adult Protective Services; Long-Term Care Ombudsman; Area Agency on Aging; county mental health; Alzheimer’s Association; Visiting Nurses and Hospice; Social Security Administration; the Public Guardian’s office; a real estate title company; banks, elder law attorneys; a CPA; a CFP; health care workers; legal aid; persons qualified to do geriatric assessments; and others. Agencies that work with dependent adults over 18 also may also be represented.

In San Diego the 50-plus members meet quarterly to hear cases and give free and confidential advice about possible solutions. As an active member of the team, I am the CPA available to offer forensic accounting and other practical solutions. By being active in FAST, I have access to resources that may be needed to help in certain fiancial abuse cases.

The San Diego FAST team is organized primarily by Adult Protective Serices (APS) with many of the above organizations being represented.

APS serves adults 65 and older and dependent adults 18 and older, who are harmed, or threatened with harm, to ensure their right to safety and dignity. APS investigates elder and dependent adult abuse, including cases of neglect and abandonment, as well as physical, sexual and financial abuse.

If you have an abuse case to report, this can be done at 800-510-2020 in San Diego County. If this number ever proves to be not in service, Google APS San Diego or other similar Google searches.

                           Jim Colville, CPA, CFE