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Monday, October 25, 2021


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Excel Files

Excel files are available to you for download, some free and some for a modest fee.

           Free Excel Solution Files                      Excel Advanced Solution Files-Fee Based

Free Files-Simply click on the file and it automatically downloads. These files have completed financial solutions. They are real world files used in client engagements modified to be educational in nature. By reviewing them you should be able to learn what's needed for your project. Generally, the files are just the file without much in-depth explaination. You can see the formulas, etc. and learn from studying them. Some of the files may just contain articles written about a topic. The articles are usually quite in-depth. They may be short, keeping it to just one or two topics at a time in file, with more information in other files.

Advanced Excel Files-These files are generally the same topics in the free files, but at a much more advanced or complex nature. In some cases they may be the same file as the free file with full explaination of the topic. The related free file may have notes referring you to the for fee file. This explaination, in many cases, is several pages in length. In other words, you learn all the concepts and features related to the topic and the rationale behind each feature.

The important thing to remember with the paid files is that you receive value for what you are paying for. These files are not just completed files uploaded with a few notes. You will learn enough to be able to fully take advantage of the formulas or concepts and to enhance them in your work. They are priced to keep your financial risk to a minimum. Since offering these files for a fee since 1995, we have had less that a dozen or so requests for refunds.

It's easy to review the list of paid files by topic before making a decision to purchase.

    Free Excel Solution Files                        Excel Advanced Solution Files-Fee Based