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Elder Financial Abuse

See Senior Financial Abuse

Terminology in the eldercare profession has many overlaps. The term Elder Financial Abuse is used a lot and is synonomous with Senior Financial Abuse.

Eldercare Financial Abuse is technically not correct but seems to be used to represent both the elder (or senior) and the person providing the service; i.e. the eldercare professional.

You will also see Financial Elder Abuse and Financial Senior Abuse. Again, just mixing words around. Elder Financial Abuse and Senior Financial Abuse is technically more correct, but you will see it both ways.

If looking for services related to financial abuse to a senior, make sure you do your Google searches with both senior financial abuse and elder financial abuse to ensure to catch the most providers of these services. Also, be sure to include financial  in the search as shown here. Searching for just senior or elder abuse will provide results for all categories of abuse and it will difficult to find what you need (the financial abuse) within those search results.

                        Senior Financial Abuse, Fraud and Forensic Accounting