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Elder Care CPA Services

My primary Elder Care CPA services are simply traditional CPA services but tailored to to a specific demographic.

The issues related to the aging population many times are different and unique. It takes special knowledge and experience to meet the needs of our aging population. While many CPA services can be offered by anyone, without this specific knowledge, the client is not getting the value that they deserve.

As you or your cherished family member gets older, certain tasks may be more difficult to accomplish. Gathering tax information can be more challenging; help may be needed with day-to-day tasks; ordinarily simple tasks such as balancing a checkbook, paying household bills, working with online banking and bill paying can become increasingly difficult as we age. The CPA professional must be understanding of aging issues and work with the client accordingly. While most of my services are the tradional individual and trust tax work, see below to read about my other services or referral sources.

Who are my elder care clients? What are my elder care resources?

My elder care clients, professional resources and sources of referrals are the seniors themselves, their adult children caring for them and elder care professionals. One interesting and unique characteristic about serving the senior population is that no one professional does it all nor are they the overreaching expert. Each professional must have a circle of contacts that can be leaned upon to assist when a unique situation occurs. These contacts are professionals in the elder care profession plus the senior clients themselves and their adult children.

Special Elder Care CPA Services

A page explaining other related services that you or your loved one may need.

                        Special Elder Care CPA Services

Elder Care Resource Team

This is my primary network of professionals that I can refer you to for needed elder care services that I do not or elect not to perform. We are all independent professionals and do not receive compensation for referals. Follow the link to learn more:

                        Elder Care Resource Team

Eldercare Education

I present seminars and educational events and found that the need for elder care education keeps growing. As a result I founded the Eldercare Education Institute to offer eldercare education for seniors, their families and eldercare professionals. Click the link to learn more.

                        Eldercare Education Institute

Senior Financial Abuse, Fraud and Forensic Accounting

This is my unique niche in providing eldercare services. The issues in this area are growing and the seniors and their families need qualified financial professionals to assist. Click the link to learn more and how my 35 years of fraud and forensic accounting experiences can help.

                        My Senior Financial Abuse and Fraud Services.html

Elder Care services not offered:

I do not get directly involved in services such as caregiver, long term care insurance, care facility oversight, preparing legal documents. There are many qualified professionals who specialize in these services. I have a complete network of individuals that I can refer you to for such services.

                        Elder Care Resource Team

You can contact them directly by clicking on the link, or if desired, I can provide two or three names of individuals that I have worked with and trust to serve you in the best manner possible.

Private Foundation Management Services

The Foundation Resource Team provides back office and other support services to Private Foundations. We take the foundation founders or officers out of the “detail” business helping them to efficiently accomplish long-term goals.

                        Private Foundation Back Office Support

                        Foundation Resource Team