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Because of our diverse backgrounds and experiences, CPAs are called up to peform cosultitng services. Many of these services can be categorized as accounting, forensic and fraud servies.

A partial list of past consulting projects follows:
  • Financial Statement Reporting
    Developed hundreds of custom reporting systems with the objective of error free reporting, timely reporting, and instant reporting once the download or link is made for the current reporting period. One example is reducing the reporting time from three weeks to three days for 60 separate departments, with reporting being a working combination of paperless and printed reports.

  • Working with Large Data sets
    Manipulating and reporting on massive amounts of data. The data may come from a larger system, download or datamined into a larger system (sometimes Microsoft Access), then exported or linked to Excel for complex data manulation or calculation and very easy to understand reporting.

    My approach to these engagements is much different that expected saving hours of time, lower fees and error free results.

  • Recontruction of 401K Contributions
    This forensic accounting and tax engagement involved a 300 employee company that improperly calculated the contributions for a period five years. As a part of the VCP with the IRS, I was engaged to assist. The archived data was not in a "project ready" format. The company's plan was for manual entry of each payroll summary. With a combination of powerful, some proprietory, Excel features, all data was linked, the recalculations were made and the VCP reporting was accomplished in very short period of time. Additionally, the accuracy of the work was near 100%. The success of this project was my background in taxes, working with large data sets, and using Excel at it full power.

  • Budgeting-U.S. Navy
    Working the Navy Region Southwest (CNRSW) to assist in streamlining the Navy budgeting process as reported directly to Washington D.C. The project was quite extensive. One key components was to integrate the existing very well prepared regional budget prepared in Excel to the online budgeting system. The online system "required" data entry. Since the data was already created in Excel, the key components were either linked or converted and uploaded to the online system saving hundreds of hours of repetitive work.

    The alrady existing Excel reporting system was a very strong product. My services helped in eliminating repetitive tasks, protecting the files, and enhancing review functions. Most notable was enhancing the security of the files to the much needed level.

  • Ship Movement Database and Reporting
    Provided the tools for enhanced and timely reporting of all ship movements by ship and ship type. Most of the work was performed using Excel with the purpose of determining the exact needs and workflow. The final Excel product was then used as the "needs analysis" for the upcoming online ship movement database.

  • Ship Movements and Budgeting
    Integrated ship activity with budgeting to better determine "cost per ship movement" and related cost reporting.

  • Surveys
    I've developed several systems to gather data quickly and accurately, perform data manipulation and calculations instantly and have the output (the report) always "print ready". This can be with any type of data. Of special interest are salary surveys. While seemingly simple, many providers take so long to produce the report, the information is no longer timely. Of course, the complexity of the project can dictate the completion schedule, I reduced the total project time to either "zero-time" or substantial time reduce over the old ways. I make extensive use of web-based technologies.

    I've been doing online data collection and reporting since 1995. Each project is different and has it's own technology requirements resulting in some projects being done offline and other online. I have the ability to start online projects in an extremely short period of time.

    I get many questions about these services as there are so many free or low cost services available. I very seldom do these types of projects. My services are with more complex situations, with many (sometimes thousands) of complex computations and extremely large data sets. These same tools are used with forensic accounting and fraud engagements.

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