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Accounting Day-San Diego
Monday, October 25, 2021


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Back Office Services

Jim Colville CPA integrates technology into accounting and related services to creat powerful and innovative solutions for your business and team. Most of these services are done with online/web-based databases and tools allowing for up-to-date information at all times.

Some examples of these services implemented for clients:

Online Accounting - This is accomplished with either Quickbooks, online version or our online checkbook. One option is to actually attach the supporting documentation to the check written, all viewable online.

Online Inventory Tracking - Company ships unique inventory to 4 locations. All locations can review the inventory online and request transfers as needed. The corporate office can monitor for re-orders. This solution is unique and customized for this company and is not designed for large inventory amounts.

Online Royalty Tracking - Company's distributor customers enter their sales online and Back Office reports by category and region and calculates royalties due. The company is made up of several business entities with royalities due to/from each other. At any point in time sales and royalities are always known.

Online Sales Tracking - The company is a manufacturer selling to retail enterprises where it's industry practice to pay for inventory based on "guaranteed sales" agreements. In other words payment is not made until all units in the shipment are sold or returned. We handle all aspects of the Back Office services, following up with the customers to track sales weekly and report online to the company of the sold and unsold units and related information. This is substantially 100% hands off by the company. This service is very important in determining proper revenue recognition in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals (GAAP).

Rebate Accounting Services - Complete services from handling incoming rebate coupons, verification and fraud check, and the actual check writing and mailing. Complete integration with company's sales accounting system as a part of the verification process.

Online Grant Request Management - Accepting online and mailed in grant requests, confirming nonprofit status, rating the request based on the organizations criteria, recommending request to the board or trustee, and managing the final approval and payment. Both the requesting party and entire client team have total online access showing the status and resolution of all requests. This service takes many forms and is customized to each client.

This service is available at various levels to many nonprofit and other organizations offering grant funding. We have taken the service to the next level with the formation of Foundation Resource Team which is a fully customized service designed specifically for private foundations who desire to get out of the "detail" and "paper pushing" business and to be assured all details are handled properly and in accordance with federal and state laws and IRS laws and regulations.

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