ALA Survey - Payment

ALA 2011 Salary Survey - Payment Information

How to Purchase the Completed Survey Report

The survey fee must be paid in order to obtain access to the final survey report. You may participate in the survey (complete and submit the survey questionnaires/online data input) without paying the fee, but will not have access to the report.

Click on the invoice link to obtain a printable invoice. Payment is made directly to Jim Colville CPA as a security measure to ensure Chapter members have no knowledge of who is participating. The mailing address is on the invoice.  Invoice Link

To take advantage of the early bird pricing, you must complete both survey questionnaires and make the payment before August 31st.

  Members      Non-Members
Participants     $150     $325
Non-Participants     $425     $475
Early Bird-Participants           $125      N/A

For convenience, you can pay by credit or bank card.

To make a credit card payment go to Jim Colville's web site and enter the payment code noted below

     Members    Non-Members
  Amount    Code Amount   Code
Participants   $150 salary   $325alanon
Non-Participants   $425   alanonpart               $475 alanonmbr
Early Bird-Participants               $125 ala     N/A    - 

The text next to the price is the payment code to be entered for credit card payment.

In Summary:
  Pay by check:            Invoice Link     Note: The invoice had a incorrect address for mailing your payment.
                                                                  It now shows the correct address. You may have to refresh the page
                                                                  in your browser to see the corrected address which is:
                                                                  11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #229, San Diego, CA 92128

  Pay by Credit Card:

For either method, upon receipt of payment, you will receive a confirming email.

Credit card payments will show on your statement as paid to Jim Colville, CPA

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