ALA Survey - FAQ

ALA Salary Survey - FAQ

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Question--What is the "as of" date for the salary information?

Answer--Enter the salary information as of July 1, 2011

Question--My payment was returned due to insufficient address. What is the correct address?

Answer--The address was changed since last year and the invoice was updated for this year with an erroneous address. The invoice has since been corrected (you may need to refresh your browser) and the corrected address is noted on the payment page and here: 11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #229, San Diego, CA 92128

Question--How do I entered the benefit information?

Answer--This year's survey was shorten to salary information only. Contact the chapter for further information.

Question--I didn't complete the Survey Questionnaire. Can I still obtain access to the report?

Answer--Yes. Visit the payment page for instructions.

Question--How do I access the Survey Questionnaire?

Answer--Click on the link in the email you received inviting you to participate in the survey.

Question--That seems easy. Is it secure? Do I need a password?

Answer--This method entering was selected for its ease of use and high level of security. This link is the only method to access the questionnaire. So all you have to do is keep the email easily available. No password is needed (which means no password to remember)

Question--What if I haven't received the invitation email.

Answer--First, check your spam filter. Then send an email to Jim Colville requesting the invitation. Include your name, firm phone number and desired email address.

Question--How do I get the Survey Report?

Answer--Upon publication it will be available online. You will receive an email on how to access it.

By publishing online you are ensured fast delivery and a fully secured environment, plus the flexibility of downloading the report and printing, if desired.

Question--I hear about the security, please tell me more.

Answer--See the separate Security page.

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