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ALA 2011 Salary Survey - Calendar and Due Dates

Please note the calendar and dues dates for the 2011 Survey                                                                Survey Home Page

  • August 1-5 - Survey begins - Announcement by the Chapter
  • August 4-8 - Invitation sent to the membership with the link to the web based input tool)
  • September 9th - Early bird pricing expires (Extended due to the late start of the survey)
  • October 14th - Questionnaire/online salary data input to be completed (**double extended**)
                               Many members have not received correspondence for this year's survey so we have
                               double extended the deadline to complete the survey to October 14th
  • November 1 - Survey Report published and available online (may be delayed due to the extended date for submission)
In order to qualify for the early bird pricing you must submit the fee and complete the questionnaire by the early bird date.

Note: The invoice contained a bad address to mail your payment. The address on the invoice is now correct.

If you haven't received information on both survey questionnaires by email by August 10th contact Jim Colville.     [email protected] or     858-682-9668 (But first check your spam filter)

Summary - How to Participate
  1. Complete the online survey questionnaire/data input
  2. Pay for the survey report
  3. Access the survey report (read online or download)

It's free to participate in the survey however, the survey fee must be paid in order to obtain access to the final survey report. Payment Page

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