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Accounting Day-San Diego
May 22, 2017


Red Flags for Senior Financial
   Abuse - Warning Signs,
   Preventation and

Let me know of your topic of interest. Click on the Contact link.

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More Info-Upcoming Events

Accounting Day - San Diego - May 22, 2017

The 2016 event is now behind us. It was extremely successful with 350+ in attendance. Review the website for updates for May 22, 2017.

Senior Financial Abuse - Warning Signs, Preventation and Investigation

These seminars are offered by request from the Elder Care community. Check back
for dates or Contact Us to request a presentation.

The intended audience is seniors, their adult children and elder care professionals and
will presented by Jim Colville. Specialized training to mandated reporters is popular.

Excel Classes and Presentationa

Jim Colville is considered one of the top experts in Excel and how to use it to create solutions to the most sophisticated and complex challenges. His library of over 100 courses allows him to be ready for your speaking request. Most all of his auditing and forensic accounting engagements use the full power of Excel keeping the fees low and resulting in quick and powerful solutions.

Speaking engagements must be on a specific Excel topic using Excel 2013 or 2016, one that has purpose and the users are attending to learn solutions. In other words, general topics just to get better attendance at your event are discouraged. We have found that these sessions leave the users dissatisfied due to their varied experience and needs.

Recent . . .

San Diego Mini Fraud Conference

You heared from the FBI and the former CFO of HealthSouth on the consequences of today's rationalized decisions in our everyday accounting work. You also learned what you can do in your job and career to ward off potential career killing issues with fraud prevention.

Contact Us to request a presentation or class.

A&A, Financial Statement, Fraud and Tax topics, Senior Financial Abuse have been very popular. Please check back or Contact Us with your request

Excel has been requested many times in recent months. Check back or request a in-house custom session.

Of interest is presenting the new features of Excel 2013 and 2016 such as the enhanced and improved database features, VLookup and Pivot Tables and features that lead to Zero Time Reporting. Contact Us and include the specifics you would like to have presented. All Excel presentations are done in Excel 2013 or 2016. All topics are actual real world samples that are used client consulting assisgments or have been used in fraud investigations, forensic accounting engagements or in a litigation support role.

Accounting Day - San Diego is an all day event offering 25 subjects, your choice of four per hour. Click here to review what this event has to offer

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Excel presentations by Jim Colville, CPA

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Revenue Recognition presentations by Jim Colville, CPA

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Elder Financial Abuse