Free Excel Downloads

File Size Description
_01_FS Sample and Notes.xls395 KBFinancial Statements with Notes
_01_Navigation.XLS7.15 MBSpreadsheet navigation
_01_Survey.xls52 KBTechniques used in Survey calculations
_09_Budget.xls133.5 KBBudget Excel Example
_02_Nav_Book.XLS109.5 KBSpreadsheet navigation
_02_RangeNames.xls65.5 KBDefined (range) names
_03_DATABASE.XLS112 KBDatabase example
_04_Assets.XLS73 KBUpdating monthly reports
_04_Assets_Adds.XLS13.5 KBUpdating monthly reports-additions
_05_YTD.XLS64.5 KBYear to date monthly update
_06_ZeroOut.xls90.5 KBZero out for new month
_07_EditFillJustify.xls19 KBWord wrap in Excel
_07_Gprofit.XLS16.5 KBFormula exercise
_08_PROFILE.XLS371.5 KBMail merge concept in Excel
_12_BadDownloads.XLS515 KBWorking with bad downloads
_13_BadDownLoads2.xls2.24 MBWorking with bad downloads 2
_15_RecordCellChanges.xls77 KBRecord a record of all cell changes
_18_CalendarCoolToDo.XLS97 KBCool calendar in Excel
_20_diceroller.xls181 KBGreat examples of advanced reporting in a game.
_21_StopLightSample.xls23 KBAdvanced reporting-concepts to build a dashboard
_22_StopLightDashboard.xls518.5 KBAdvanced reporting - dashboard
_25_File List Inventory.xls271 KBExcel to list all files in a directory
_30_Rand.xls46 KBRandom numbers
_35_Dates-Expiration.xls80.5 KBTrack upcoming dates
_45_VLOOKUP.XLS74 KBVertical lookup examples
_46_VLOOKUP2.XLS58 KBVertical lookup examples-more
_51_Hide Menus.XLS69 KBMacros to Hide or Disable and Unhide or Enable Excel menu items. Very useful file security tool.
_80_Macros Intro.xls64.5 KBAn Intro to writing macros. These are the notes used in Jim's presentations
_90_Excel 2007.xls37 KBA list of key changes in Excel 2007
_61_SumIf-DSum.xls284.5 KBCountIf and SumIF
_10_ListBox.xls30.5 KBCreating a Drop Down List Box
_55_PivotTable.xls1.23 MBNo Description
_71_Aging.XLS173.5 KBComprehensive IF Function Example
_51_Hide Menus p.XLS67.5 KBNo Description
_100_MovingAverage.xls78.5 KBThe Basics and Macro Drive Advanced
_11_PIZZA4.XLS492.5 KBNo Description
_111_Copy Macros.xls41 KBA Selection of Copy Macros
_121_SelectionMacro.xls42.5 KBOne Click Selecting Columns or Rows
_02_Range Names.xlsxUsing Defined Names for Productivity
_42-Subtotal.xlsxBoth the Subtotal Function and Menu Item
_06_CustomList.xlsxCustom Sorts and custom data fill
_99-Sunset.jpg69.52 KBNo Description
310-Men Women InCell Charting.xlsx15.03 KBNo Description
List Differences.xls37.5 KBNo Description
_56_PivotTable-Pharmacy.xlsPivot table example and exercise
_07-Concat.xlsxConcatenation-Adding Text Cells Together
__04 CommentsFun.xlsxHaving fun with Cell Comments
330-Better axis choice.xlsxDashboard Chart